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Sunday, May 07, 2006

After One Week of Work

Well, I've got one week of work under my belt now. It wasn't quite a full week, considering Monday and Friday were both holidays. God-bless Guyana and all their holidays. But I was in my one room health center for three days. It was pretty slow. On Tuesday we saw eight new moms and their kids in the morning and not a single person in the afternoon. Wednesday and Thursday were similar. So right now I'm realizing that I need to go out to find my audience if I'm going to make any sort of difference. I'm thinking about getting into the schools and doing health outreaches during the weekly markets in various towns. Anyways, a lot thinking and energy because I'm new here and not jaded yet. So I gotta take advantage of that crazy optimism, right?

But life is good here. The Essequibo Coast is beautiful. There are a few volunteers on the coast here with me, so we've been spending some time together as they show me the ropes and introduce me to some of their Guyanese friends. It's been a lot of fun, though tiring. It takes a lot of energy to meet and talk to people. But it's been a lot of fun. And I feel pretty comfortable already here. So it's nice. I think I'm in a good place for the next two years.

Anyways, need to go. I'm using a friend's computer and more people want to use it. Internet is even more expensive out here, so I'll be on this less than I was. But keep the emails and comments coming. I hope everyone is doing well. Cheers!


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