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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Why I'm Famous

So apparently I'm famous. I know this because I've just had about 33 new Peace Corps volunteers fly into the country and tell me. You see, the newest group finally arrived in country after much delay (like, about a year...). They are all fresh-faced and full of energy. It's actually refreshing to see such enthusiasm. But it's also really funny because they know pretty much nothing about this country. Which should be an obvious statement. I didn't know anything about this place either when I showed up. But this results in hilariously random questions. They want to learn so much, but they know nothing so their questions are completely directionless and cover anything from housing to food to work to the heat to the culture to how to travel after Peace Corps (hold on buddy, do your two years first).

So it turned out, though, that almost all of them had tried to do a little research before they came. And a first obvious plan is to Google blogs about Peace Corps Guyana. Lo and behold, this blog pops up first. I'm famous! Or at least with this new group. Apparently almost everyone had read it, sometimes from the first post. So they quickly recognized me - often as the puma guy. I've become famous as "Guyanese Mark."

Anyways, I can't say it was so much an ego boost as much as kinda weird. The digital world colliding with the real world. I guess I always kinda assumed it was just my family, friends, and random people I would never meet. But it didn't occur to me that the new group would find me. Oh well. So welcome to my larger readership (though now they don't need to read this because they can just talk to me. So I guess my readership just dipped by 33 people. Sad).


At 12:40 AM, Blogger TheAlmightyPeter said...

i just checked your about me and you had 350+ views. nicely done you blogspot whore. meanwhile my blog of illadvised and sporadically timed rants has 30+ views, all of which are no doubt my legions of angry followers. i'm building grassroots here...


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