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Monday, January 08, 2007

Picture Time!

Here are some pictures for you all!

This one is of myself and my friend Paul during Christmas Eve. You can't really tell, but I'm making those fantastic, yellow mashed potatoes for Xmas. Paul is the only other guy in my group (which is now 13 total). And he's married, but I don't hold that against him. hehe.

This is me on my roof, taking a drink with Patty (who, obviously, is taking the picture). I have got to have the best roof in Peace Corps - I've got a great view and a nice breeze. It's a nice place to relax in the late afternoon as the sun goes down.

This is during a Christmas dinner at our Peace Corps boss' house. He has all the volunteers over (which is only around 45 or so) for a nice dinner with ham and turkey. He even had a Christmas tree! So on my right is Tessa and on my left is Lauren. Both of them are awesome. Have I mentioned how cool Peace Corps volunteers are?

So this is a plate of seven curry. Or, maybe I should say, it's a leaf of it. Seven curry is the dish given out during weddings and jandhis. It's rice with seven different curries on it, served on a lotus leaf, and eaten with your hands. It's actually really good, though it fills you up. And there is definitely a technique to eating it with your fingers. Guyanese people love to see us foreigners eat it with our fingers. You get a lot of respect for that. And I just think it's cool.


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